Unique Genuine Leather iPad / Tablet purses and handbags for women

Alright – you’re looking for a quality handbag, in genuine leather that really stands out. Right? I’ve found you a few mid-price contenders.

Let me start with PIJUSHI (shown above). Their bags aren’t marketed as iPad bags, but they’re made of very sturdy genuine leather, so they will protect your tablet very well. Most of them have nice compartments inside as well, so you can look stylish AND be organised.

The Pijushi bag I ultimately settled on for recommendation here is not their most unique one. However, it’s special enough to stand out.

I can’t help it though. I have to show you this other Pijushi bag as well:


And yes, it too is big enough to hold an iPad.

Ultimately what you’re looking for in an iPad purse is:

  • Length at least: 10 inches (on the inside)
  • Width at least: 7.5-8 inches
  • Good protection, so sturdy, perhaps padded

Leather – genuine cow leather – offers enough protection, if it’s not too thin. Well crafted bags often have very sturdy seams as well, which mean that the contents of the bag are protected as though the inside were padded. What it amounts to is that the outside is padded…

Another lovely bag is this one by YaFeiGe.

It’s a bit larger, but small enough for everyday wear. Made from genuine but soft cow leather, it is well lined and has various pockets to keep organised.

I love the lines on this bag and as you can see, it can be worn over the shoulder, or on the wrist.

Another bag that isn’t sold as a typical iPad bag, is the Jack&Chris® Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag.

As you can see: it holds an iPad and a lot besides. It too is made of genuine cow leather with quality hardware and a divider and pockets for an organised handbag experience.

Don’t you love distressed leather? The bags shown so far are made with shined and colored leather. I personally love genuine leather bags that show the natural texture of the material. One example of that is the Cuero Handmade Leather Messenger Bag “TWIESTER”.

It’s called ‘vintage’ style and reminds me of the Sixties. It has all kinds of pockets and yes, your tablet will fit and is well protected.

Finally a more classic leather messenger bag. It’s the Kattee Leather Small Crossbody Messenger Bag. It’s just the right size for your iPad, while it also has space for an additional notepad, phone, keys etc. And yes, it’s in genuine leather. Well made too!

I started with Pijushi, which is just all funky, shiny and stylish. I’m ending this with Kattee, which is much more the kind of bag I carry in daily life. As an alternative to the small horizontal messenger shown above, they also have a small vertical messenger bag. The flap has a diagonal line to it, which makes it stand out just a bit, while it remains practical, understated and real. With just enough quality detail to make it clear that this is a quality product made to be used for years, as all genuine leather is.

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