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Coach has been part of my lifestyle since I was old enough to buy my own purses. They are not only incredibly well made, but usually their styles become classic looks that survive year by year, not too trendy and ‘little girl-ish.’

Recently, with new designers, techniques and materials, the usefulness and details of Coach handbags and purses have really escalated their usefulness.

New Coach Handbags
All of our new gadgets find a secure and attractive place in Coach handbags, purses, and wristlets, all making sure our look, and our functionality, is truly 21st century.

I hope you find something you like here. I’ve looked for the best bags, best prices, best opportunities out there.


Classic is Important: Things are Classic for a Reason!

Certain elegant styles enhance the female form

What have I always liked about Coach?

First, it is a CLASSIC LOOK, like that little black dress. Who can be without at least one in their wardrobe? The same goes for a black handbag: it goes with every outfit!

Second, Coach repairs their products for free. If there is damage, or even just too much wear, most of their bags can be taken to a Coach store, sent to the manufacturer  and have all new handles and hardware replaced, all for nothing. This extends the life of your bag and in the long run SAVES YOU LOTS OF MONEY!

Third, no matter where I travel, in Europe or elsewhere, a Coach bag is always appropriate.

A Coach bag is truly made for a woman’s lifestyle, for her best looks and is useful for decades. It hardly gets better than that!

coach-handbag-popularA Little History Of Coach

The company started out as many do with humble beginnings. The year was 1941 and 6 leather workers gathered in a loft in New York city to make wallets and billfolds by hand. At this time in the history of Coach the name of the family owned company was called Gail Leather Products.

Miles and Lillian Cahn had a leather handbag company and joined the company in 1946. It was their knowledge of working with leather and the running of a business that helped to grow the little company even more. Miles came up with the idea of working the leather in a different way that came from his observation that baseball gloves seemed to become more supple and flexible with use and changed the way they worked the leather for their handbags. With a suggestion from Lillian the company had a sudden hit on their hands with the purses that were added to the wallet production. By 1961 the Cahns owned the company through a buy out.

As the years have progressed the company has used innovative designers to help the company grow into one of the most recognizable brands on earth when it comes to ladies handbags, luggage, briefcases and other accessories. It might be valid to say that they are also the most “knocked off” brand, too. One has to be cautious and know their labels to make sure that they are getting an authentic Coach product, as unauthorized reproductions are plentiful.

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Why A Designer Bag?

There are many reasons that a gal will opt to buy a Coach handbag and not all of it has to do with the rather obvious one that they are popular and so recognizable. Let’s be honest a handbag from this company can be a bit of an investment for many of us who are faced with the limitations of less spendable income than we would like.

In a way carrying a purse with this designer label on it gives the impression that we might be doing pretty well for ourselves and can afford a higher priced handbag. I think it goes beyond that for a lot of us gals, though. These purses are made from high quality materials which are going to last longer than a cheap one will. This translates into spending less money in the long run because we opted for a product that will basically pay for itself over the course of years that we carry it and have not had to buy a new one.

The company is really great at creating new styles go with the fashion trends each year and that is another reason that women will choose one for herself. She can feel that she is looking smart and trendy while carrying a purse that will meet all of her needs.

Besides the new looks, we can also count on being able to find a traditional and classic style that we do not have to worry about being outdated in the next year or two Coach. The fact that it carries the designer label just adds to the appeal for many women.

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Hobo Bags, by Coach

The hobo style of handbag is popular with many ladies because they like the looks of the crescent shape and the standard shoulder strap to carry it with. Did you know that the name came from the bundle that hobos carried on a stick with their possessions tucked inside? We can find these bags in all kinds of flexible materials like leather, vinyls and fabrics that give us a slouchy look with lots of function. As you can see there are plain styles and styles that have fun and funky patterns to the fabrics.

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