Best iPad / Tablet Sling Bag for men and women

ipad-sling-bagIf you’re looking for an affordable bag for your iPad or tablet that doesn’t look like a purse – here is a serious option to consider. The SOLO Storm Collection Universal 10-Inch Tablet Sling is sturdy, it has pockets for your essentials (and that includes your tablet, right?) and it goes over the shoulder for easy carriage.

This is really the best sling bag for tablets out there. You get the padded pocket that is large enough for any tablet – the manufacturer claims it will fit tablets up to 10.2 inch, but one user claims even an 11 inch Macbook Air fits. The sling can be moved to the other side for left-shoulder use and the pockets are useful for pens, phone, keys and chargers. Of course if you have a Pro tablet, you should check the measurements.

On the whole this is basically a sleeve with pockets and a sling-bag design. So it’s not so much that there is a tablet compartment, as that most of the┬ábag is the iPad pocket.

I take my (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android) tablet with me everywhere. When on a Buddhist study weekend, I will take it with me on hikes, for instance, in between lectures and meditation classes. I have a purse-like backpack for that purpose, but if I were in the market for another, this bag would definitely make the list. While part of me is girly, another part likes it sober and sporty. This sling bag is well designed so my back (always at risk from sciatica) would be well protected while carrying that tablet. However light, it is still heavy enough to make a difference.

What more can I say? The grey will go with any wardrobe, male or female. The price is just right too. And of course your tablet is protected with padding in the pockets.

The size of this bag is just right: it will fit any tablet up to 10.2 inch – which is good as the largest tablets and e-readers on the market are 10.1 inch. In fact, one user reports that their 11 inch Macbook Air fits as well!

The sling strap can be moved for the left handed to go to the other side. Now that’s great news for lefties out there. No more awkwardness in always accidentally having your bag on the ‘wrong’ shoulder. ‘

You’ll be impressed to hear that you get a 5 year warranty on this bag. 5 years! That’s a lot of time. Most bags would be worn out by then.

The polyester material is light and sturdy and can go where ever you feel like going.

All in all this bag has enough room for your tablet, phone, and accessories like chargers, USB cords, keyboard, keys etc.

While one user reports that this is a high end sling bag, I would personally consider a bag high end only if it cost twice what this bag does. It’s a really decent price for a quality bag, that’s for sure. Get the SOLO Storm Collection Universal 10-Inch Tablet Sling (STM751-4)

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