Top iPad Purses For Women

These also suit your Kindle, e-reader or android tablet

The iPad is just great. It is light, easy to use and has just enough functionality to replace the laptop in the office. In fact, for many people it will replace their laptop at work. However, it still needs to be carried. Even with a good case, it just feels better to not have it rolling about your purse. It’s also heavy enough that you really do need a good shoulder bag to carry it.

These bags are suitable purses to carry your iPad – any iPad – whether you have an iPad Air or an iPad Mini. They usually have an iPad or tablet compartment.

Unfortunately this means you’re likely stuck with a shoulder bag for your handbag. No round shapes till they make iPad ready purses. I’m sure that day isn’t far off, but in the meant time I have found shoulder bags for work that will make a great purse. Of course an iPad bag also makes a very good gift for any woman who loves her iPad.

While the title of this page is ‘Purses for iPad’, that doesn’t mean these bags are only suited for women. I think they’re pretty gender neutral in general and men as well as women will find a suitable shoulder bag they can use in the office here.

Since the iPad and the iPad Air are precisely the same size, of course these bags are suitable for both.

Ogio Brooklyn Women‘s Purse with strap- hot right now!


Available in black, purple, green, blue and grey. Isn’t it just fabulous?

And of course it would not be featured here if it didn’t have a fully padded zippered iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket.

However, that’s not all. There are two large main compartments, a zippered compartment hidden under the flap, and a large interior zipped pocket.

Personally I like that integrated cross body shoulder strap. No handbags for me: shoulder-purses (if the word is allowed) are the thing for me. Especially if I have to carry an iPad around.

Available in a choice of colors, this iPad purse has a cross body shoulder strap, with a fully padded iPad/tablet/e-reader, with a zip closure for security. The interior has two roomy compartments, so you can pack a lot more than just your iPad!There’s also a hidden zippered pocket underneath the flap.

  • Measures: 4 x 11.8 x 11.2 inches
  • Weighs: 1.3 pounds

Bertoldo Business Tablet Backpack


In quality PU leather, this backpack combines style with affordability.

The lining is padded, so your iPad or tablet is well protected.

The Bertoldi backpack has two internal phone pockets and one zipped pocket for extra security.

Extra feature: the shoulder straps are removable, which will turn the backpack into a small tote-briefcase.

Haiku Women’s To Go Convertible Crossbody Handbag


This Haiku bag is another convertible: the straps can be moved to turn this into a small backpack.

This is really a great bag on the move: stylish, yet full of features and room for two bottles of water.

And yes, your tablet will fit.


Heshe® Women’s Vintage Backpack


This is another convertible bag that can be used as a backpack, Messenger bag, Shoulder Bag, Sling Bag or a Hobo. The construction is quite smart, really.

However, I think most people will find their favorite style and stick with it. Fortunately, the conversion from backpack to shoulder bag doesn’t require messing with the fastenings. You can just pull up the handle and it’s a shoulder bag.

This Heshe bag is available in four stylish colors – each quite cute.

Non-girly purse for your tablet
Handolederco Leather Messenger Satchel

I’m not much of a girly girl when it comes to purses. Pink just isn’t my thing, though I did find myself using a salmon-colour on a bookcase the other day. I digress.

The point is: this Handolederco Leather Messenger Satchel with strap is just the type of bag you can find me carrying. Several inside pockets, distressed leather that only gets better with age, and of course: big enough for your iPad (whatever generation), tablet or netbook (shown). And no, it’s not so big that it becomes cumbersome. Just big enough to host any 10inch appliance, including a netbook.

From the vast range of iPad Purses for Women available, how do you choose the one that is best for you?

Finding the right purse to carry your iPad needs the same thinking through that you would do for any bag you are buying, whether it be a normal purse, a laptop bag or a bag for your iPad – it depends on your lifestyle and the exact function of the bag.


Large enough for a laptop, but the middle compartment protects your tablet as well.
Large enough for a laptop, but the middle compartment protects your tablet as well.

Another stylish, but not-too-girly option is the fashionable Business Women’s Leather Handbag by Soye.  Available in tan, dark red, black and grey.

For example: are you a career girl on the go? Or maybe you are packing your iPad along with diapers and everything else a busy Mom needs. Perhaps you are off for a girls’ weekend? Or you want to pack your ipad for a beach holiday or to go trekking?

But when you think about it, although the look and the function of your iPad purse will be extremely important, safety and security also have to be a major factor. Having spent all that money on an iPad, you don’t want a purse that does not provide protection from the inevitable knocks and bumps your iPad will receive.

All of this will determine the look and the size of your ideal ipad purse, and of course you also need to take into account which iPad you have, whether it be the iPad Original, the iPad 2, the iPad HD or any of the other iPads currently available.

Fortunately the selection is so vast, they allow for every eventuality and here’s my selection of the best iPad Purses for women.
Kaboo The Tina iPad Tote (Mustard Yellow)

Includes a safe pocket for your iPad or Kindle and don’t you think this bag has style? I particularly like the yellow version.

This ipad purse has elastic expanding sides, with a sling shock absorber that will protect your iPad, Tablet or eReader, which is kept securely closed with a magnetic clasp. There are two exterior pockets, which allow for easy access to those smaller hard to find items, like keys and the design is complemented by silver tone hardware.

Available in black or a very eye catching yellow, the interior is lined with a zig-zag pattern.Measures: 5″ x 16″ x 12.4″
Weighs: 1.9 pounds

41XA01m4xHL._AC_UX500_SY400_Travelon Anti-Theft shoulder-bag with strap– in several colours. 

This bag is, as you’d guess, designed to withstand theft as well as skimming. However, it’s more than that: it’s designed with all your modern travel needs in mind. From the included flashlight and the padded iPad/tablet pocket – this bag is ready for serious traveling.

Available in black, truffle (grey-ish), eggplant (purple-ish), champagne (off-white) and cranberry red.

About the security features: The RFID blocking card slots are more for your peace of mind than anything else. While they work, RFID isn’t a popular method of getting money out of people. I’ll spare you the technical details – RFID blocking is NOT necessary.

The other anti-theft features of this bag ARE useful:

  • Every compartment can be locked, so thieves can’t get into them without stealing the bag as a whole.
  • The material of which this bag is made is slash-proof, so if you wear it cross-body, it can’t easily be stolen.

10110668_f260Clark & Mayfield – 11″ Sellwood iPad Tote

Black – Suitable Purse for the original iPad through iPad Air

Beautiful tote purse in a lovely grey-blue. This bag from Clark & Mayfield was built to hold netbooks up to 11 inch, so of course it also holds and protects your (9″) iPad.

Includes compartments for pens, phone, wallet etc, as well as a zippered front pocket for your keys. Of course there’s a zipper on top, but this bag also has a strap on the bag so it stays put on rolling luggage and metal feet protect the bottom.

More iPad Purse alternatives.

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