Best Pro Tablet Bag for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is lovely – just like it’s cousins the Surface Pro and the Galaxy Note Pro. 12.9 inch is a great size for a professional tablet. With a keyboard cover and stylus included, you really have everything you need for note taking, sketching and reading documents in meetings. They even multi-task well!

However, how to carry it to that meeting? Most 10 (or 9.7) inch tablets are used mostly on the couch. But a 12.9 inch pro-tablet is meant for professional use. So it has to get there!

Remember: 12.9 inch, is almost 13 inch. A 12 inch sleeve will definitely NOT fit.

There are really two options. One is to get it a sleeve and put the sleeve in the briefcase or backpack. The other is to get it it’s own bag.

There is a third option: what I would like to call the ‘sleeve plus’. These are sleeves that are so stylish that you can carry them around without an extra bag. However, they’re also sleek enough to fit into another bag when that makes more sense. The sleeve plus has extra pockets for essentials like creditcards, pens and phone – but it’s not bulky.

Most of the bags on this page are in the sleeve plus category – though they’re sometimes called sleeves, and sometimes called briefcases. That’s marketing for you. It’s really a new category of bag.

Sleeves (plus) for iPad Pro and other 12+ inch tablets

Sleeve for iPad Pro and similar tabletsThe Mosiso ‘Laptop’ Shoulder Bag is also very suitable for the 12.9 inch tablet category.

As you can see there are sleek pockets for phone, notebooks, pens and keys. However, there is also an adjustable shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free.

Obviously it’s padded, but the outside is a denim that looks stylish as well. Available in blue and grey.

Check out the options to make sure you get the right strap with the bag and the right size.

71LlmzmaZjL._SL1000_The ProCase has a similar grey design with a nice orange touch.

The options are a bit simpler: it’s all about size. There is no shoulder strap: it’s designed to hold in your hands.

One advantage is that it zips open completely, so you will never have trouble getting your tablet out of it.

It’s designed to be water-resistant, so your iPad Pro is not merely protected from scratches and bumps.

There is a 13 inch option, but the 12 inch option is designed to fit the iPad Pro as well.

91vBEoMZ+YL._SL1500_The Mosiso Felt 13 Inch Shoulder Bag is designed as a laptop bag. However, it is so sleek that I’m convinced it will suit a 12.9 inch tablet just as well. As it’s made of felt, you should not expect it to handle rough usage. However it’s perfect protection for your tablet and definitely cute enough to carry around within the office.

91uRfvsc5BL._SL1500_Another Mosiso product, the Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag Briefcase.

I’m showing it in red, for variety’s sake. However, it’s also available in black and grey.

This bag too has a shoulder strap as well as two extra pockets for peripherals, keys and phone.

71O6pMLEomL._SL1115_From iMacket comes the ProtoCASE. It has a very different look and excellent reviews.

It has two extra pockets, both on the same side. This means it does lie flat, even if all the pockets are in use. Available in blue, pink and black as well as the striped number shown here.

There is no shoulder strap, but the handles can be tucked away in ‘sleeve mode’.

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