Cool Creative Yoga Bags

Shown above and below is the Hotdog Yoga Roll Pack, which is available in Onyx (aka almost black) and Amethyst (aka purple). As you can see it is just about perfect: it protects your cloths from wrinkles, has two zippered compartments for your phone and other accessories, wraps around your yoga mat to keep it safe and (not shown) there is even a shoulder-strap to make this into a kind of yoga messenger bag.

yoga-direct-guatemalan-mat-bagThis cool Guatemalan Mat Bag with zipper is suitable for men as well as women in to yoga. It is large enough even for large yoga mats that fit tall people. The vibrant colors and folk-art style look quite creative.

yoga-direct-embroidered-yoga-mat-bagEmbroidered Mat Bags can be quite stylish. I like the look of this black one with gold flowers in a wild pattern. Do also check out the Embroidered Gaiam Mat Bags if you like this look.Like the previous bag these don’t do anything more than hold and protect your yoga mat and allow you to carry it over your shoulder in messenger-bag style. yoga-direct-recycled-yoga-mat-bag

Recycled Yoga Mat Carrier Bag For a totally different look, these unique creative recycled yoga bags with zipper come in a variety of colors. Each is hand crafted and, because of the way the material works, different from the next. These will protect your mat from the rain and again, go over the shoulder. yoga-direct-Yogoco-Yoga-mat-bag

Yogoco Yoga Bag This designer yoga mat bag is completely different. Available in this bright flowery theme as well as more sedate colors.This bag keeps your cloths, yoga mat and towel all separate. An internal pocket hides your phone and other accessories. The fabric was produced in a sustainable way and is therefore eco-friendly. yoga-direct-Printed_Silk_Yoga_Mat_Bag

Printed Silk Yoga Mat Bag These too come in various colors – whatever your taste. Extra Large to fit 1/4” and 1/8” thick mats and two reinforced zippered pockets for storage of other essentials. You might think silk is too flimsy to be the basis for a bag, but quality silk can be quite Yoga Sak is something completely different. It’s basically a backpack designed to hold and protect your yoga mat as well as your yoga cloths, phone, keys, wallet etc. Unlike a messenger style bag, this goes on the back and therefore leaves your hands free.As a yoga gym bag it’s well built to last and go with you to class, the beach or wherever you plan on doing yoga.

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