13 inch Macbook Air cases, covers and sleeves

Need some protection for your 13 inch Macbook Air? Are you a little confused by the terminology when it comes to purchasing a case or sleeve to carry your laptop in? It can get a little confusing because different manufacturers call them different names. A case, cover or sleeve may look the same to you. Sleeves are generally a fabric type case that your Macbook can fit into and be taken out of easily.

They are usually cushioned and can be carried alone or placed in a larger bag. Sometimes these sleeves are referred to as a case or a cover, too. A case can be what is known as a hard shell and those snap on to your notebook/laptop and are not usually removed. A case may have handles to carry and look more like a bag or briefcase but does not always. The industry seems to use these terms interchangeably. The most important thing to remember when purchasing a case, cover or sleeve for your Macbook Air is the size of the product and your computer. In this case you will want to make sure that it will accommodate a 13 inch display.

CaseCrown Tidal Sleeve Case (Purple) for 13 Inch Apple MacBook Air / MacBook ProA nice quilted design for a sleeve to protect your Macbook Air. It is both padded and fleece lined to create a non-abrasive interior which will prevent scratches when taking your laptop out of the sleeve. A velcro closure keeps your machine securely in the bag that is an envelope style. The sleeve or bag is both lightweight and slim so that you are not adding additional weight when carrying your Macbook Air. The purple color just looks almost regal, you can also get this sleeve in pink. Fits 13 inch models.

13 inch Newspaper Pattern Notebook Laptop Sleeve Bag Case Apple MacbookIf you are a gal that loves to keep up on the news then this unique Macbook sleeve and carrying case is perfect for you. The material is neoprene which will allow the sleeve to stretch to the size that your Macbook Air needs as long as the display is not larger than 13 inches. Easy access to your laptop is provided by pullers on the 2 way dual zippers. Scratching is prevented with the lining being both soft and cushioned. The sleeve measures 13 1/2 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch so be sure that it will be the correct size for your case needs. You can carry it by itself or easily slip it into your briefcase or backpack. The design is fun and trendy for the urban gal.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Shell Case for Apple MacBook 13-inch in BlueWhy go for a plain clear hard shell case for your Macbook when you can have one in color and with a cool pattern? This case snaps on to your laptop for extra protection from bumps and scratches. It comes in the blue shown or clear, red, or white. This is a case that you would place on your Macbook Air and not take off. Be sure that your notebook was made after October 2009 or the case might not fit. It is model specific, in other words.

Designer Sleeves MacBook Air Sleeve – Apple Love

You can protect your laptop and make a statement at the same time with this envelope style sleeve that looks like it was made from an old pair of denim jeans. Designed specifically for the Macbook Air 13 inch model the sleeve will provide protection from scratches, moisture and shocks. Place it in a suitcase, briefcase, messenger bag or backpack and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your computer. A fun way to add a little personality to your computer traveling needs. This sleeve can also be ordered in a leopard print or to look like an inner office memo envelope.

floral pattern sleeve / bag for 13.3 inch Macbook AirFloral pattern sleeve for your 13 inch Macbook Air

This cute canvas sleeve can turn into a messenger bag in a flash, and it also has handles for carrying by hand. It protects your Mac laptop in style. Don’t you love that blue? There are several style variations.

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