Bling Aligator Rolling Laptop Bag for women

rolling-laptop-bag-blingIf you travel with your laptop at all – and why have one if you don’t – a laptop bag is a must. For longer distances a wheeled bag is the way to go, because backpacks just never look that good at this size. Like all laptop bags this one by DORis defined as such with a padded laptop pocket.

This one is fashionable, cute and full of gold touches to finish it off. It fits laptops up to 17 inch, but the pocket will also protect your tablets, iPad or other electronics. Inside pockets for your phone, pens and small accessories like ear phones are also included. On the image below you can tell that the covering on the inside is a nice accented color. This bag really stands out without being too ostentatious.

"Baton Rouge"The Baton Rouge” by JKM and Company is a Burgundy and Black Alligator style Laptop Rolling Carryall. Given that it’s faux leather, I think it’s a bit overpriced. However, it does look good and users aren’t complaining about durability.

It’s large enough for all 16 inch and a few 17 inch laptops. It has nice inner pockets for organizing your stuff.

cabrelli-pilar-croco-15-laptop-rollerbrief-black-cabrelli-wheeled-business-casesI personally like a bit of color, but black always works well in a business environment and goes with any outfit. If that’s you, you will like the Cabrelli Pilar Croco Laptop Rollerbrief. The textured PVC looks like croc-leather and the bag has good internal organisation for files, laptop etc.

rolling laptop bag bling inside

This is of course a bag on wheels, but folded in you would not notice the handle. Which is great when those wheels aren’t necessary.

The bag measures approximately 18 by 14 by 6.5 inch. That’s a good size for not merely a laptop but traveling cloths, some make up and a folder or two. Great for a weekend getaway as well.

faux-alligator-rolling-bag-burgundy-red-bronzeDo note that the bag is slightly too large for some airlines accept as carry on luggage. So it may need to go in the hull.

Though the material is faux alligator, it holds well for longer periods of time. Sometimes faux leather looks so much like the real thing it won’t make a difference. If you’re a vegan it may even make you want to get this bag even more: the alligator look without the pangs of conscience!

New: A Crocodile leather style rolling laptop bag. It’s wider than it’s deep, so while it will hold the largest laptop, don’t expect it to hold your overnight cloths as well.

Get the Black & Bronze Faux Alligator Rolling iPad or Laptop Tote Carryall Bag
McKleinUSA LA GRANGE Red Leather Vertical Detachable-Wheeled Ladies’ Briefcase

McKlein is the brand to go with if you want a leather laptop bag on wheels. They are a bit heavier, as you’d expect from leather, but they will look good years to come. Leather wears it’s age well after all. Just like a real lady does.

London Fog Chelsea 17 Inch Computer Bag, Olive Plaid, One SizeFor a more classic look this ladies laptop bag on wheels has enough pockets to make traveling a breeze.

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