Cute Boho Gypsy Bags and Purses

The bohemian style is reminiscent of the sixties and seventies hippy period. However, the term bohemianism was actually coined in the 19th century! The bohemian style is a gypsy look with contrasting colors, fringes, prints, vintage, beads and mixed fabrics.

When it comes to bags, the bohemian style can include anything in natural fabrics, but the following are often mentioned specifically:

  • A cross-body bag
  • A distressed leather bag
  • Fringe on your bag
  • Oversized, floppy purse.
  • Canvas messenger bags
  • Mixed prints bags, or anything with prints really.

In short: the boho bag is really a hipster bag.

Bohemian style cross-body bags

I may have suggested that all cross-body bags work, but if you check out the options online, you’ll see that this is NOT the case.

The Bohemian cross-body bag does have those fringes, prints or distressed leather look.

A distressed leather bag

One advantage of genuine leather is that it lasts and lasts. Distressed leather only looks better with age, though it helps if you treat it well. This compensates for any qualms you may have over it’s eco-friendliness. Distressed leather has that nonchalant look that goes well with the gypsy style.

Genuine leather handbag

Boho bag with fringe

A purse with fringe is a definite fashion statement on its own. It turns almost any outfit into a bohemian one – just like that.

Most of these have a natural leather look, but even when they have prints they have that gypsy feel.

Oversized, floppy purse

Oversized, floppy canvas tote purseThose oversized canvas totes that you can throw anything into may be the ultimate handbag. They look natural and yet industrial. Calm and yet slightly rebellious.

Can a bag say all that? I think so!

Canvas messenger bags

This is the second canvas bag I’m showing you. And for a reason. Canvas is sturdy, affordable and it even repels water. It’s therefore a great material for bags. And because it’s really cotton, it’s natural as well.

Canvas messenger bag

A canvas messenger bag is, like most the bags I’ve featured so far, on the calm end of the bohemian style.

Next up: prints!

Mixed prints bags, or anything with prints really

Bohemian prints sling bag

Nothing says bohemian like prints, does it? Mix them up, make them clash – gypsies don’t care for fashion after all!

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