Best Leather Laptop Bag For Women

If you are looking for a nice leather laptop bag for women, you have stopped in the right place. There is just nothing like the rich feel of good leather and the added bonus is that the leather makes the bag a lot more durable. The busy woman on the go deserves a nice bag to carry her laptop and other business related items all in one place while looking stylish and professional at the same time. There are leather laptop bags to fit just about any choice of styling and they often come in color choices other than a standard black. When shopping for a leather bag be sure to read the description carefully. Some will say “leather like” or “faux leather”. Those are not the quality that you are looking for.

I have listed some nice selection of genuine leather bags for women to carry their laptops in for you to consider. A variety of styles and features that will appeal to the busy, professional woman on the go with her career.

Ladies want some extra style

Solo Vintage Collection Women’s Leather Carryall for Laptops up to 15.6 Inches, Dark Brown

solo-vintage-women-leather-laptop-bagBesides having the bag in leather, ladies will usually want a feminine style to their bag. Well, at least some ladies will. There are so many wonderful designs that fit both of those desires. Leather and style with a feminine touch. Here are a few examples of bags that have been designed with the female in mind and are made of genuine leather.

Lovely style that looks more like a purse than a bag to carry your laptop in. Constructed in Columbian leather this laptop bag is durable but also soft to the touch. Holds up to a 15.4 inch laptop in a padded compartment. For added security the laptop is held with a hood and loop closure. The top closes with a zipper. Simple and elegant at the same time. The blue interior gives a nice contrast to the distressed leather. The bag has metal feet, to protect the bottom.

McKleinUSA 94836 WINNETKA Leather Ladies Briefcase with Removable Sleeve – Red

Made from fine Italian leather this zip top laptop bag has a lot of functionality besides holding up to a 15.4 inch laptop. Features a section for file folders and a front section to hold additional gadgets, cell phone, pens, business cards and other daily necessities. The handles are sturdy and in a tubular leather style. Available in 6 colors: Red (shown here), aqua, black, green, orange and pink.
Solo Vintage Collection Bucket Tote holds 16-Inch laptop

A slightly different look with the bucket tote styling. Soft and supple leather exterior. Will accommodate laptops up to 16 inches. Functional business section for all your daily needs. Top of bag zips closed and there are protective feet on the bottom of the bag.

Siamod 45624 Fratti Napa Cashmere Leather Laptop Tote (Cognac)
The exterior of this bag is from the supple Napa Cashmere leather. Front pocket is an easy access to magazines, newspapers or small accessories. Interior offers a dedicated padded section to hold a laptop up to 15.4 inches. Additional inner pocket offers organizer for small business needs. Also has two side pockets for miscellaneous needs.

SOLO Vintage Collection Laptop Messenger Bag, Holds Notebook Computer up to 16 Inches, in Columbian Leather, Espresso, VTA502-3

Rich Colombian leather exterior with flap closure. Padded section for laptop will hold most computers up to 16 inches. Interior also includes a business card slot, pen loop, and large accessory pockets. Exterior pocket offers quick access to passport or other paperwork. A front zippered pocket provides a place for your cell phone or other small items. Interior is lined in tan.

McKleinUSA GLENVIEW, Red Leather Ladies’ Laptop Case

mcklein-ladies-laptop-bag-leather-redBeautiful Italian leather comes in red or black and will hold up to a 15.4 inch laptop. Plenty of storage for all the accessories and essentials. The bag includes a matching removable laptop sleeve, for extra protection.

Transport Your Laptop With The Best

Besides looking really stylish, a leather laptop bag adds a little more to protecting your computer. At least I feel that it does. Yes, the bags that are made of cloth have extra padding for protection but leather is usually thicker than most fabrics and adds its own little bit of cushion to help with possible shocks and scratches to your laptop.

A leather bag is going to cost a little more than one of a different material but it is going to last longer, too. Leather is not going to tear or wear as easily as other fabrics will, either.

I also feel that a bag made of leather makes a quiet little statement that you are doing pretty well financially and can afford to spend extra to protect your computer. That may not mean much to some but when you are a young professional or any age professional it gives the impression that your are serious about your work and have a successful attitude. It is one of those first impression sorts of things that without any words spoken delivers a good message about your demeanor. It may seem shallow but the way we dress and the accessories we carry with us do make a difference in the way we are perceived.

Oil Your Leather

Use mink oil or neatsfoot oil on a regular basis to keep your leather items supple. This practice also extends the life of the item in a most dramatic way. Basically, it replaces the natural oils that remained in the hide after the tanning process. Those oils have a tendency to dry up after a while.

Many bags have a unisex appeal

When shopping for a leather laptop bag you will find that many of them will work for either gender. They have a general style that appeals to both sexes with features that suit different needs of individuals as they carry their computer, business supplies and accessories from home to work and any other places they need to transport their laptop with them.

kenneth-cole-men-leather-laptopo-bagKenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business, Tan, One Size
Genuine cowhide leather with plenty of room for all of your business essentials in a nice style. This bag comes in several color variations from tan and brown to black.

Users describe the leather as ‘soft’, which is always a plus in my book. 

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case, Brown, One Size
Plenty of room for files, accessories and your laptop! Will accommodate up to a 15.6 inch laptop. visconti-leather-laptop-bag

Visconti Oiled Leather Distressed Large Laptop Messenger Bag (Tan)
Genuine leather with an oiled application that gives it a well used look. The pad for the laptop can be removed when you need room for carrying other things besides your computer making it a very versatile choice.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage What’s The Bag Idea, Black, One Size
A smaller bag for laptops up to 13.3 inches. This one has a wonderful style!

Leather Can Be Made From Different Sources

Not all leather comes from cows although a lot of it does. You can find leather made from other animals, too. Deer and buffalo hides make a lovely leather when tanned and used for a laptop bag or any article of leather. Ostrich gives a really unique look to the leather and so does crocodile or alligator. They have a built in kind of design on them as well as snakeskin. Just make sure with the croc, gator or snake that it is genuine and not faux or fake man made material. Goats give a lovely soft leather that is often used in gloves but can also be found in bags, too.

My advice is to always read the description carefully. Real leather is going to say so. It will say genuine or real and most times let you know which animal the original hide came from. When it says man made leather it means it has been fabricated to look like leather but it is not the real deal.

You can choose a plain style of leather or you can also choose a leather that has been hand tooled. What the means is that the leather has been worked with a design with special tools and gives a unique look to the end product.

What is leather?

I think that most people assume that all leather is made from cattle and that is correct in a sense. A lot of the leather products that we find have been made from leather that was made from the hide and skin of cows. They are not the only animals that leather can be made from, though. There are many types of animals that have a hide or pelt that can be made into this supple material.

Common animals used around the world are:

  • goats
  • deer
  • elk
  • lamb
  • pigs
  • buffalo
  • snakes
  • kangaroos
  • oxen and yaks
  • ostriches
  • alligators and crocodiles

cowboy-laptop-bagFor a bit of fun – Connect With Your Inner Cowboy or Cowgirl

American West Retro Romance Computer Messenger Bag,Antique Brown,One Size
You do not have to go with a plain bag for carrying your computer! Now you can have a laptop bag that fits all your needs and have some unique style, too! This huge laptop messenger bag holds laptops up to 17 inches! There are three main compartments as well as two external ones. The main compartments include one that will hold and protect your laptop as well as two with pockets for smaller items.

What is used to tan leather?

The tanning of leather can be done using several different processes. The degree of suppleness needed for the end product most often determines what will be used to tan the hide with.

Vegetable-tanned means that tannin and other elements which comes from plants is used in the process. The end product will usually be a brown color and the degree of the brown will depend on what the original color the hide was. Leather that has been tanned this way will be pliable but can not withstand becoming wet. The color will turn darker where it was exposed to water and the material will shrink and become harder. Back in the days that armor was worn in battle, people would boil the leather to make it hard and more difficult to penetrate.
Salts of chromium are used to tan when the material is needed to be more supple than the vegetable tanned will produce. It is known as chrome-tanned.

The tanning process that is most often used to make leather for vehicles and shoes is done by using glutaraldehyde or oxazolidine compounds that are chrome free.

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