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Busy Ladies Need More Than A Purse

Back in the day we found that men, for the most part, used a briefcase to cart the necessary items for their office jobs around in. They looked a lot like the one shown on the right. Rigid but with plenty of room to carry files, supplies and other things from office to home or from meeting to meeting.

Shown above: Winnetka Leather Ladies Briefcase with Removable Sleeve by McKlein USA

It comes in a variety of colors besides this basic black one. Dedicated compartments for the laptop (up to 15 inches), gadgets, supplies and personal items, too.

In today’s workforce women need a briefcase just as much as their male counterparts do. Those old school type briefcases are cool looking but might not be the best thing to carry today’s office needs in. I am thinking specifically of the laptops that most professionals need to carry around in order to complete their jobs on a daily basis.

You need to carry that laptop plus file folders you may need, laptop accessories and any other items that will help get the job done. Often that carrying case will have a dedicated section to protect your computer as travel from home to office or to meetings with clients. The good news is that your briefcase does not have to look rigid and old school in it’s design. There are some that are so stylish they look more like a large purse instead of a briefcase.

Let’s have a look at some of your options for a Women’s Laptop Briefcase.

What defines a briefcase?

Let’s be clear on what a briefcase actually is. It is a container that can be used to carry books, papers, file folders and office supplies around in. In today’s society it needs to be able to carry our gadgets and laptops along with us, too. Most of the time a briefcase is going to be made of leather but it does not have to be.

Other terms used instead of briefcase might be attache case, portfolio (no handle style) or brief bag. No matter what you call it, the function is the same. At one time the largest users of this type of carrying case were attorneys who would carry their briefs to court with them. That is how the name came about: a case to carry briefs.

Whether looking at a briefcase of yesterday or today they will have a rectangular shape to them. This is necessary because the largest of the items being transported like file folders, books and laptops are going to need that rectangular shape to accommodate them. That shape does not have to look like the rigid box style of days gone by, though.

You can choose a style that has a feminine look in either color or contour. Let’s look beyond your basic black or brown. You can still have the functionality that you need.

The needs of a business women are different than for men.

Professional women have slightly different needs for their briefcase than men do. Oh, most certainly the basic needs are the same. Those items that pertain to the job like file folders, reports, laptops, writing utensils, paper clips and business cards are needed no matter what the gender of the person using the carrying case is. Of course if we can have a place for our keys, cell phones and credit cards that is pretty awesome and again not gender specific.

Most ladies will want to be able to carry a few make-up items along. Not because you’re vain but because you might want to do a quick touch-up before you enter the courtroom, conference, staff meeting or with a client. Of course you want to look fresh and at your best before coming into the room.

You also need a place to carry those personal little items that only women need that can be discreetly stored away just in case it’s that time of the month.

We usually want our carrying case to be both stylish and feminine in it’s design. It can look professional with just a hint of your personality. Personally, I don’t think it should look too cutesy if you want to be taken seriously on the job, but it can still have a style and color that match your personality.

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