Personalize your bag with a keychain / ring, keyring charm

Sometimes you just want something different. You have that fashionable bag, but to add that something unique, you can add a ‘keychain‘ or keyring charm to spice things up.

I found a few fun ones to get you started on creating your own style:

71-zqiuvPsL._SL1500_The funnest variation are tiny dolls. They’re usually on the grunge side of the spectrum, like this weird but cure mermaid.

71k0JYamsML._SL1001_Owls are always popular. This Rhinestone embossed keychain is also available in an Eiffel tower design, lipstick or high-heels. It adds a bit of distinction to your purse.

61OG7zdkm1L._SL1003_If you’re a Jew or Muslim, or just generally into spirituality, you may like the Hamsa keychain. It brings good luck and gives a Middle-eastern vibe to your outfit.

51wJ7QZYOwL._SL1348_If you or your kid are into ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, you may like this Baby Groot Keychain. Groot is a tree-person who transforms into a super hero. Somewhat inspired by Tolkien, no doubt.

515l3JP0-KL._SL1001_If you’re into music, you may want this cool guitar. Available in various colors.

611J6RhWqNL._SL1000_Another fun one, for the photographer who likes it cute, are these camera-keychains. It even makes a ‘chacha’ shutter noise when you press the button.

51-mXeqSANLThese are all on the novelty side. I you want something more classic, you may like these tassels handbag rings. Available in all sorts of colors and styles.

Another classic: a (faux) fur pompom ball. For ethical reasons I would stick with the fake fur myself. Stylish and yet a bit spontaneous looking. 71JjGjeSSgL._SL1000_

These key chains make great stocking stuffers for teen girls.

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